Stringent Due Diligence Process

How We Vet DSTs

DSTs 1031 Investments and our broker/dealer, Cabin Securities Inc., engage a team of due diligence analysts, and our own in-house due diligence staff to evaluate real estate sponsors and their securitized real estate offerings. During the due diligence process, offerings may be subject to a review on several levels, which may include appraisal, feasibility studies, load recovery analysis, and environmental reports. The team may also perform home office due diligence of sponsors and on-site physical reviews of specific assets.

Our team has developed proprietary analytical models that assist our Investment Committee members in reviewing each securities offering. We believe that these analytical tools, and the experience of the members of our Investment Committee, may benefit clients in the selection of real estate securities.

Although all investments carry risks and no level of due diligence will ever completely extinguish all risks, we believe that a team of qualified due diligence analysts can play an important and necessary role in identifying these risks so that we may communicate them to our clients. Our Investment Committee takes due diligence very seriously and we strive to educate our clients on the various real estate options available.

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